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April Fool’s Day

Are you ready to play an April Fools’ Day prank? This April Fools’ Day, celebrate the holiday with tricks of your own for friends and family, plus a few pranks for yourself. We’ve got some facts and tips for making April Fools’ Day jokes that will leave your friends or co-workers turning red in the face. From clever to downright mean, read on for the best April Fools’ Day jokes every year!

It’s time to start planning your April Fool’s Day pranks, but remember that they don’t only have to be carried out on other people. Try to include a few tricks on yourself over the day as well—be it confronting a fear or accomplishing something you’ve always wanted to do. Whether you’re a fan of the tradition or not, there is certainly something special about this day, and everyone can take part in the celebrations!

April Fools Day Movie

If April Fools’ Day makes you think of pranksters, plans on getting tricked, or more than a few laughs, then you can find a movie that fits the bill. But if it conjures images of adorable bunnies and fluffy chicks and a cute little bunny family, who are we to judge?

Watch the full April Fools Day Movie. This is a fictional story about two best friends who are always together, but they have different personalities. Melanie has a hard time keeping her cool and trusting people, while Raina is confident and generous. Both of them eventually learn the true meaning of compassion and kindness, but perhaps not in the way they expected.

Jokes for April Fools Day

Even though April 1 marks the official start of spring, it can also mean plenty of fun for those who like to play pranks. These jokes for April Fools Day range from harmless to pretty good, though you’ll likely find lots of jokes that are pretty funny just by themselves. If you’re with friends, perhaps grab some green juice and put on some music while you make your rounds.

Happy April

Happy April Fools’ Day! Yes, the day is finally here when you can prank your friends and family and still no one will say a word due to the tradition. Don’t forget for this beautiful and special day, make sure you have time to spend it with those who actually matter in life. Also, don’t forget to thank the person who has made this day possible. Without him, there would be no April Fools’ Day. Thank you, God!

April Fool Jokes

April Fools’ Day is a celebration of all things silly. The first of April is the perfect time to play pranks on friends and family, whether they’re cruel or just for laughs. But be warned—if you play a prank on someone who’s feeling particularly down, you could end up making things worse instead of better.
The best April Fool jokes are the ones that make people laugh. If you have a friend who’s always wearing their heart on their sleeve, play a prank on them by doing something nice for them. They’ll appreciate it and be sure to return the favor when they get the chance!

Good gag Gifts

The holiday season brings both inevitable excitement and existential dread all at the same time. You can’t wait to see your extended family…until your obnoxious brother-in-law’s grouchy second cousin strolls through the door. Don’t say you have to be nervous or overwhelmed. You don’t. It’s all in the gift packaging!

If you’re looking for good gag gifts that will make your friends laugh, look no further. Ink In Action has compiled a list of gags based on the most popular gag tips from our social media followers—and then we made sure to add some of our own ideas in there, too.
Bring on the full-body laughs, your gag gifts that get passed around a group until someone has to excuse themselves to catch their breath and stave off the urge to piss their pants. That’s a good laugh, and you can be the person who makes it happen. Doesn’t matter who you do holiday gift shopping for—a coworker whose sense of humor, a dear friend, or your daddy – the king of jokes…


There are plenty of debates about the origins, meaning, and future of April Fool’s Day. While they continue to unfold, there is one thing that we can all agree on: April Fool’s Day may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly fun for many. If you choose to partake in the festivities, go with a light heart and without too much anxiety. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as long as you remember to remain skeptical of whatever it is that people tell you today! Science suggests that April Fool’s Day is bad for your health—and not just because it means being exposed to hundreds of fake stories. It can be stressful, particularly if you’re the one perpetrating a prank—or if you’re on the receiving end of a prank.
This year, be more cautious than ever before. Even the smallest prank can have the ability to damage someone’s reputation–what could be easier than convincing potential employers or colleagues that they don’t care enough about their work? And while we hate to say this, it might be a good idea to ask yourself: “If I don’t even know how truthful my own news article is, how do I know what’s true?”